The Academy defines Cariology as “the science and art of understanding the etiology, mechanisms of the disease known as dental caries including initiation, reversal, progression, diagnosis, prognosis, risk management, prevention, non-surgical and surgical therapies, and oral health-focused outcomes.”

Our Vision

The Vision of the AAC is to eradicate dental caries in the United States through the promotion of science-based disease management. We are the leading interprofessional organization that advocates, communicates and supports development and integration of cariology to promote oral health with focus on research, professional and community education and science-based caries management for individuals and communities.

The Academy will not only focus on engaging the dental community but also other healthcare providers; physicians and nurses, teachers, social workers, and similar professionals who may help to achieve this mission.

Our Mission

The AAC has been established as a non-profit corporation since 2016

Advancing the Field of Cariology

We work together to advance, improve, promote and protect the professional discipline of cariology.

Providing Opportunities

for the exchange of expertise, experiences, and opinions through meetings, communications, education, research, and publications regarding the practice and advancement of cariology.

Supporting Professionals and Communities

Support and create educational and research activities in the field of cariology and the treatment and prevention of caries

Developing High Standards

of conduct among professionals who work within the field of cariology

Increasing Prevention

Increase acceptance of prevention-focused dental practice and minimally invasive restorative treatment.


Receive, administer, and manage grants, donations, and contributions for the purpose of educating health professionals and educators regarding the management of dental caries.

Sharing Current Data

Acquire, preserve and disseminate data and information in the field of cariology.

Cooperation and Advancement

AAC members seek to cooperate with counterpart organizations with similar goals and missions and to foster cooperation and collaboration with individuals pursuing similar purposes.

Our Goals

  • Professional education
  • Collaborate with ADEA to improve cariology education in dentistry
  • Provide and promote science-based continuing education for the dental professional and all interested professions.
  • Propose, with the support of other organizations, to change accreditation standards to include caries management as defined by the Academy.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to improve cariology education in all health professional schools.
  • Community education.
  • Promote oral health literacy for all individuals through all stages of life as related to caries as a disease and its management.

Board of Directors

NIH_Fontana_Margherita 400×400

University of Michigan

Margherita Fontana
Guzman-Armstrong_Sandra 500×500

University of Iowa

Sandra Guzmán-Armstrong
Peter Rechmann square

University of California San Francisco

Peter Rechmann

Chairs of the Pillars

Rebecca_Slayton square

University of Washington

Rebecca Slayton

Indiana University

Dominick Zero
Advocacy and support
Marcelle Nascimento (University of Florida) 800×800

University of Florida

Marcelle Nascimento
Caries-related research

New York University

Mark Wolff
Caries-related professional and community education
Young, Doug square

University of the Pacific

Doug Young
Science-based caries management for individuals and communities