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Are There Alternatives to Fluoride for Caries Management?

2024 AAC/ORCA Spring Webinar

April 6, 2024 | 11 am - 1 pm ET

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This event is exclusive to AAC and ORCA members. Pre-registration is not required. All members will receive an email from Penn Dental Medicine after April 3, 2024. This communication will describe how to obtain a unique zoom link to attend the webinar. Please watch for this email and follow the directions given if you wish to attend.

To attend the webinar, you must be an active AAC or ORCA member for 2024.

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2 CE credits will be awarded through Penn Dental Medicine (an ADA-CERP provider).

AAC President Dr. Carlos González-Cabezas and ORCA President Dr. Margherita Fontana welcome you to the 2024 Spring Webinar, jointly presented by the AAC and ORCA.

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Speakers will be followed by a live Q&A session in which you will be encouraged to participate.

How to Identify and Manage Fluoride Hesitancy in Clinical Practice

SPEAKER: Dr. Donald Chi

Despite the proven safety and effectiveness of fluoride for caries management, fluoride hesitancy among patients is a growing clinical problem. Clinical fluoride hesitancy mirrors community-level opposition to water fluoridation and vaccine hesitancy in medicine. Concerns about fluoride include its necessity, potential side effects and incomplete or inaccurate understanding of its evidence for caries management. The presentation will emphasize the reasons for fluoride hesitancy and clinical strategies to manage fluoride hesitancy in practice.

Alternatives to Fluoride in the Prevention and Treatment of Dental Caries

SPEAKER: Dr. Domenick Zero

Although fluoride remains the most effective and widely used caries management strategy, there is increasing interest in other approaches. The presentation will provide an overview of current evidence on potential fluoride alternatives for caries management.

How to Build Evidence through Clinical Trials and Clinical Guidelines

SPEAKER: Prof. Jan Clarkson

The presentation will discuss tools to improve clinical research design, conduct and reporting and to increase usability of research.



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