AAC Spring Webinar Program

Management of root caries lesions: evidence and research developments

June 12th , 11:00 am-1:00 pm ET

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Livia M. A. Tenuta

Dr. Tenuta (DDS, MSc, PhD) is Associate Professor at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. She studies the many aspects involved in the development of dental caries, ranging from the dynamics of enamel and dentin mineral loss, and how this is influenced by a cariogenic dental biofilm and fluoride.

Sherry S. Gao

Dr. Gao (BDS, MSc (Dental Materials Sciences), MSc (Community Dentistry), PhD, FICD) is a Dental Practitioner at the Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong. She has published 40 peer-reviewed journal articles in the areas of dental caries, geriatric dentistry, fluorides, clinical trials, qualitative research, epidemiology and systematic reviews.

Ana K. Bedran-Russo

Dr. Bedran-Russo (DDS, MSc, PhD) is a Professor and Chair of the Department of General Dental Sciences at the Marquette University School of Dentistry. She is a clinician-scientist with broad background in hard tissue and biomaterials and research expertise in the biochemistry of teeth that regulates tooth mechanics and function. Her research interest is in the development of bioinspired biomaterials to prevent and treat dental caries to ultimately increase the lifespan of a functional natural dentition.

Intro and welcoming

Management of root caries lesions is very challenging despite the availability of numerous treatment strategies. This webinar will review the evidence for these strategies. New innovative approaches for the treatment of the carious tissue also will be discussed.

Control of root caries lesions by the patient: the evidence behind over-the-counter and prescribed therapies

Role of fluoride toothpastes (conventional and high strength) on the prevention and arrestment of root caries lesions

Chlorohexidine: what is the evidence for its use for root caries control?

What is the evidence behind therapies for root caries control in normal salivary flow and hyposalivation patients?

SPEAKER: Dr. Livia Tenuta

Nonoperative and minimally invasive management of root caries lesions: new evidence from clinical trials

The role of SDF on root caries arrestment and prevention

Chlorhexidine- and fluoride-based in office therapies

“SMART” restorations

SPEAKER: Dr. Sherry Gao

Restorative management of root caries lesions and the role of dentin biomodification

Which material to choose? The evidence behind the restorative management of root caries lesions

Dentin biomodification: innovative approach targeting the dentin extracellular matrix

SPEAKER: Dr. Ana Karina Bedran-Russo ,

Panel Discussion

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