AMERICAN ACADEMY OF CARIOLOGY Eradicating Dental Caries in the United States

Happy and Healthy 2018! We are very excited to publish our first AAC Newsletter with our most recent remarks!.

The newly founded American Academy of Cariology is a non-profit organization formed with the vision to eradicate dental caries in the United States through the promotion of science-based disease management.

The main mission of the Academy is to be the leading inter-professional organization that advocates, communicates and supports development and integration of cariology to promote oral health with focus on: 1) research, 2) professional and community education, and 3) science-based caries management for individuals and communities. The Academy activities will not only focus on engaging the dental community but also other healthcare providers, such as physicians and nurses, teachers, social workers, and other similar professionals who may help to achieve the mission.

The Inaugural meeting was held on Wednesday October 18th in conjunction with the ADA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

The program objectives for the inaugural session included:

• Introducing the new AAC to a broad audience interested in the mission and willing to support achieving the organizations shared goals.
• Beginning the process of creating collaborations and alliances with key counterpart professional organization and government agencies.
• Provide content of interest to the target audience.
• Stimulation of interest in membership.

Dr. Mark Wolff and Dr. Domenick Zero were the two keynote speakers presenting an overview of the “Management of Dental Caries Throughout Life”; followed  by Dr. Nigel Pitts providing interesting information on “ AAC and Worldwide Efforts Perspective”

The Academy pillar chairs presented an outline of each pillar allowing time for exciting discussions.