AAC Pillars – Pillar V – Science-Based Caries Management for Individuals and Communities

Dental caries is a multifactorial disease requiring science-based clinical management strategies that are founded on the best available evidence. This includes prevention, caries risk assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, non-surgical and, if needed, tooth preserving surgical treatment, followed by outcomes assessment. This paradigm is quite different from the traditional model and will require collaboration with all stakeholders. The AAC is committed to partnering with all who believe in the core principles of science-based caries management.

There is great excitement about current activity in research, education, industry, and organized dentistry. The AAC is currently working with the ADEA Cariology Section on CODA statements and the ADA on evidence-based caries management guidelines. Given this momentum, our pillar will be very busy working closely with the other pillars to communicate best practice for caries management for individuals and communities.